Feb. 24th, 2009 05:11 pm
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So... I haven't been on LJ/internet for quite some time now. It started with a sort of burn-out, thanks to uni and the exams I had. But then I just, well, didn't feel like doing anything, really (I wouldn't exactly call it a depression, more like being blue, or something like that). Reasons were:

1. Sickness. My poor sinuses :(
2. The news has been rather depressing lately. The whole economic crisis and everything. I can tell people are looking for a scapegoat to pick on, and my bet is on foreigners and immigrants :|
3. My uncle died. My family believes it's because his medicines made him so weak. I don't know, I think the reason why this depressed me so much is because of the wrong that has been done to him. My uncle was seventeen when he was throw in jail by the regime. They wanted names of his siblings' friends out of him and that's why they tortured him for three years, resulting in his first psychosis. The medicins he had to take were really hard on him and he spent a lot of time in psychiatric hospitals and all that. It think the news really depressed my mother, even more because she could never be there for him (she left Iran almost 25 years ago and she can't go back). And I'm worried about my grandmother, who is pretty sick, this must have been horrible for her and grandfather.
4. Uni managed to be even more stressful.
5. Geert Wilders. We have something here in the Netherlands, it's called "Wilders-moeheid". That is, Being Tired of Wilders (because he's on the news non-stop). Our resident political drama queen has done it again: manage to make a circus out of politics. Apparently people loved it because if there were elections now, his party would be the second biggest party in parliament (though granted, 25 out of 150 seats still isn't much). That's at least 15 percent of the population who would probably think I'm a second class citizen when I'm walking by on the streets (Because I can see no other reason behind voting on Wilders than xenophobia). I don't know why it has come to this, but god, I hope it passes soon. Did I mention that Wilders thinks that Islam is like Nazism and the Qur'an like Mein Kampf? a)I bet 10 euro's that he hasn't even read Mein Kampf, because dude, you can only read Mein Kampf in certain libraries and only after a lot of paperwork. b) I'm not Islam's best friend, but there are limits and all that.

On the other hand, I'm feeling a lot better now, and not just because of less uni stress.
1. Yeah, baby, Eurovision Song Contest is back! The drama has already started, what with Georgia making a song with the title "We Don't Wanna Put In". Epic lulz. When I was a wee tod I watched Eurovision for the songs. Now that the songs suck I watch it for the lulz and drama, and this is a great start (Countries bitching through songs! Win!). I tried to imagine Putin's reaction and can't help but think of Tywin Lannister.
2. Books. I have Lord of Light by Roger Zelazny in front of me (only one page in, though). I believe the gist of the book is Hindu Gods IN SPACE. Which is rad, but I don't really know much about Hinduism and wikipedia isn't helping much. Like, the fine details, they're not really coming through. Maybe I should go back to square one and read stuff in Dutch.
Anyway, I've almost only seen positive reviews of this book (including a G.R.R. Martin one) so I'm hoping it's good.
3. Animanga is love.
4. Also, the new Tudors season trailer. It's like the makers thought, to hell with historical credibility, let's make a rocking trailer with Queen music! Hee! (Also, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, whyyyy are you so old, you are so incredibly Theon. I Want It All is such a Theon song. Even my backup plan of you being Littlefinger pales in comparison.)
5. ETA: Also an oscar wilde/bosie beatonna comic. LOL

So, I should get to checking out two weeks of friendspage. Oh boy.
ETA: Aaaaah, so fucking much, I'm never going to get this done. But at least I'm Egg? That's awesome guys, that's brilliant! :D (And it's hilarious how I got nominated for basically every Reach guy ever. LOL)
Son of ETA: I missed all these Greek Myth posts. This hurts me in my soul. I would've been the first to shout Achilles=Loras. I've done it before!
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