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So, I've finally gotten the bulk of the books I need for Medicines. And now I'm seriously getting scared. These books are effing huge. I don't just mean big, I mean huge. And I have like 21 of them. I seriously hope they're meant for 4/6 years, because I'll die if I have to use them all in one year. On the other hand, they're all in English so I'll have an edge over most of the other students.

Also, Iranian marriage/divorce law is just fucked up :(. I saw a documentary yesterday, Divorce Iranian Style, and seeing how Maryam had to give up her child to her jerk of an exhusband because she got a second marriage was just heartbreaking. And it was so amazing to see the clerk's little girl pretend to be a judge and scold an imaginary husband. And then hear her say how she'll never get married after she saw all the shite husbands in the court. I really want to punch a mullah.
And I also discovered my filthy rich uncle (a bit of a Littlefinger) has another secret wife (and kids). Legally. Two wives. My dad's reaction was a combination of "bitch, are you for real" and "I wash my hands of this mess". I can't blame him. Apparently the rest of the family knew for years, but never told my dad because we live here in Europe. My parents went on and on about how they didn't fight in a revolution to get such shitty laws.

I've never seen a Pixar movie onscreen before I saw Wall-E with my dad and bro. It's such a beautiful movie. The graphics and sound effects are amazing and the story is so touching. I swear, there were so many moments where I almost cried. Like others have said, it really has Rousseau morals in it. Also? EVE is just about the most badass girl in any childmovie ever. I loved how she saved herself instead of waiting on Wall-E to help her. (I also saw the Dark Knight. WOOOOW. I'm just happy the movie theatre is only ten minutes away.)

Also, I still haven't voted in the Sexiest Man competition. I'm so torn. :(


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