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My personality type: the reliable realist

Am I surprised? Not really. I used to think that me and my parents were really idealistic (because of, y'know, them being pinkocommies) but then I realised that it's just what we want in theory. We know what to expect in real life.

Also. Eurosoccer. Ahahaha! So the Netherlands-Italy ended up in 3-0 (WTF?) and now, seriously the whole of Rotterdam is just happy. Like, really really happy. (It helps that the sun is shining). And ORANGE OMG. Seriously, all the streets are decked in so much orange, it hurts the eyes. O_O

Also, Netherlands-France is on my birthday. Woe. Now I'm sure nobody is going to remember it. :(

Edit: So now we can't even send money to Iran. Jesus, it's for my grandmother's rent, not for some terrorist. And plz, stupid bank, if you're not doing any deals with Iranian banks (and haven't done so in two years), at least have the smarts to put it on your site. Grah!
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Okay, so this is my first post in my LJ, but this is because I just had one of the most bizarre experiences in my 17-year long life.

So, background: I'm in an youth orchestra and I play the viola. Our orchestra wants to go on a tour in Florence. Money is needed. Astoria Lounge needs an orchestra in their "Dance meets Bach and Beethoven" party and is willing to pay 1500 euro's. Ka-ching!

Little did we know that this was an exclusive party in a CHURCH, the most important one in Rotterdam, the Laurenskerk. We also didn't know that people had to pay 50 euro's to enter, and that everybody had to wear a Venetian mask (I'm talking really expensive ones but they were OMG so pretty!). Before we practiced we walked around and discovered that the drinks were ridiculously overpriced (I'm talking in the hundreds etc.)

(Intermezzo: this was a party for 25+ and then they ask a youth orchestra. WTF. When our conductor told them we had kids of 15 they acted all surprised.)

Well this is all fine and stuff, but then there's the performance itself. We had to play these tunes and then there'd be a famous DJ, Miss Monica, who'd mix it all, or something. Turned out her part was all tape recorded and that she would just stand there acting like she was DJing. Also, playing with ridiculously loud dance music is somewhat different from playing a Brahms symphony, so that was rather special as well.

We had two hours between performances, so we could mingle. I really started having fun when the gay dancers in lakey uniforms (and shirtless and with little umbrella's) started their job. a) they were pretty good, b) the expression on our conductor's face = WIN! ahaha! c) it's a church.

The best came after though, according to the website, we're a international professional orchestra. We wish! We're the only youth orchestra in the most uncultural big city in the Netherlands.

This may sound rather boring, like this, but wow, bizarro land for me.  

P.S. The Iranians are doing their best and using their sneakiest tricks to get more oil (it's rationed). I'm so proud of their cunning ways. *sniff*


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