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Decided to try this out as well.

the meme

My violin teacher broke her right wrist! This is pretty much horrible. I feel really sorry for her, but also sorry for myself. I don't know what to think of the replacement violin teacher. She's so different. She keeps asking me questions and ends all her sentences with an inquisitive look and "Well?" These kind of people unnerve me, but I suppose change is necessary every once in a while.

Anyway, my little conversation with [ profile] chisakami about the viola and viola jokes (Warning: like all musician jokes these are incredibly lame, though hilarious) led to me checking out Wikipedia to see what they've written about violas and how we're the buttmonkeys of every orchestra (We're like the Night's Watch, ignored, undermanned and very necessary :P) and I was dismayed to find out that they removed the viola jokes part! Only one measly mention on the Jokes page. Reading the Wiki Viola discussion page was a blast, though:

I have a psychology book somewhere (a quite serious one) that has something like half a chapter on the viola joke (mainly musing on why the viola and not some other useless instrument like the flute). And I see even Google is getting in on the act of slating violists now: if you search for "virtuoso violist" it mocks "Did you mean:virtuoso violinist"... --Camembert

I wonder if this is funny for people who are not musicians. I hope so )

Pro-violist POV edits. Seriously, violists? Never change. (I don't get the part about the neutrality though. It's simply a fact of life that musicians will make fun of the violas. Even the no-good second violins XD)

Tomorrow EHBO exam. After this I am qualified to save people's lives. Hell yeah! >:D
(ETA: Sorry there, EHBO is Dutch for First Aid)


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