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I went to "de Brief voor de Koning" (The Letter for the King), a Dutch movie about a boy who has to bring a letter to, you guessed it, the king. It was a nice movie. But I'm only mentioning this for Hanna Schwamborn, the perfect Sansa! She's even wearing blue :D

Isn't she pretty?

ALSO. WATCHMEN. I'M SO EXCITED! I love the comic so I hope mister Zach "300" Snyder redeems himself by making a good Watchmen movie.

I'm starting to think that I'm a lot more weepy than I used to be. I saw a program with seven year old Chinese farmer kids who only get to see their parents once a year (the parents have to work in the city). They had to say what they want most in the world and all they want is to be scientists so they can make money for their parents and be with them. And then they all started crying. And so did I. :(  And then it got worse, because the poor old grandfather who also stays behind started crying too! I'm seriously starting to hate all the hate against Chinese. I mean, it's only a select few who can enjoy a rich live buying up Western stocks. Mostly the Chinese are poor and exploited.

Also, I was working on the Cash register in the departmentstore and then a customer comes to buy a shirt. I'm like "Hello, how do you do" etc. And then I stare. Because he's one of those Elder Mormons. Mormons! I should know better but I really didn't expect them here. I think he caught me staring at him as if I saw pigs fly.


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