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1. I've asked so many of you for the answers to this meme, I feel like I should do it too.

Comment, and I'll:
1. Tell you why I friended you.
2. Associate you with something - fandom, a song, a color, a photo, a word etc.
3. Tell you something I like about you.
4. Tell you a memory I have of you.
5. Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
6. Tell you my favorite user pic of yours.
7. In return, you must can post this in your LJ.

2. I've been to quite a lot of cinema movies in the last couple of weeks. I saw Slumdog Millionaire, Che: The Argentine and Che: Guerrilla.

In which I review. Sort of. )

3. If you think I use the word LOL too many times... it's also because lol is an actual Dutch word. It means fun. Yeah.

4. Somebody ([ profile] michaela0823) made this really awesome icon about Arthurian legend and [ profile] misstopia mentioned how the Greek mythology loop would be much longer. I though: "Dude, I have to make one!" It only has the Greek gods, though. If you know what lines I could use for the Greek heroes, please help! (I'm thinking of Achilles, Odysseus, Ajax, Paris, Hector, Patroclus, Theseus, Perseus, Aeneas and others)
the Arthur one:||And mine:

5. I also made some snarky Shakespeare icons. I kinda want to use them but I think they're too snarky for me. But I can show them!

here are four others )

6. Thanks to TVTropes I read the SF short story I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream. It won a Hugo award in 1968 and was written by Harlan Ellison (Also known for his groping incidents). Like the TVTropes page says, it's pure concentrated Nightmare Fuel (There's a link to the story on the TVTropes page. I want to share the pain). Even the title is creepy. D:

7. I never actually saw any programs by the Dutch Public Jewish Network, until today. It was just a kosher cooking show but I watched all of it because Jewish music is swanky and cool (it was background music, but still). And my mum watched it because she likes food.
Mother: "This reminds me, I should use more chickpeas."
Me: "Hell no!"
Mother: "You can't be Middle Eastern and not like chickpeas! It's just not done, girl."
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Oy, months too late, but look at this cool Stark children fanart by [ profile] glockgal. Look at them, they are all so adorable! (The same post also has a drawing of Tyrion and a really funny cartoon version of Merlin. It truly fits the cracky and cute tone of the show.)

And here's another asoiaf fanart site that I just had to show for the hilarity factor (found thanks to [ profile] sansaxsandor). I mean, what to say? The guy has talent, but what's with the torn doll at Sansa's feet? Or the one drawing where Sansa wears practically nothing and is holding a severed head (Littlefinger's head, probably.) with Lady's skeleton floating next to her. And then there are the Jon Snow drawings. I was boggling at the overdone armour Jon and Ghost are wearing until I noticed the title: "A Dream of Spring: Jon Snow - The Others King". After that I just LOLed. Also, the 30-year-old Jon strikes again. Just look at how buff he is! XD (ETA: [ profile] pojypojy is probably on to something, it could be a World of Warcraft parody/tribute.)

And now something about doctors. I've only been in med school for less than a year, yet it's obvious to me what an impact the tv show House MD made on doctors. My ethics teacher showed snippets to show what moral dilemmas doctors can face. This I can deal with. What I can't deal with are doctors who are emulating House. No seriously, House is a douche. Don't treat your patients like a douche would (or talk about them like that). Last week we had a small work lecture and the hepatologist was making snappy and sarcastic remarks whenever a student answered a question. This already set off my alarm bells and then he suddenly said: "Everyone lies!" And mentioned House twice. And started talking about how all gallstone patients had the FFF (Female, Forty and Fat) and how they tended to blubber and wobble. We all laughed because he did bring it in a funny way but you could tell that a lot of people (including me) felt a bit uncomfortable. :|

Also, props to South Park for making Kanye West realise he has a huge ego. God I love this dude: "I GOT A LONG ROAD AHEAD OF ME TO MAKE PEOPLE BELIEVE I'M NOT ACTUALLY A HUGE DOUCHE BUT I'M UP FOR THE CHALLENGE."
Anyway, this is just an excuse to post the old fandom_wank entry where Kanye shows his batshit. AT THAT POINT WE'RE RACING AGAINST THE SUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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1. Happy new year! Eide Nowrouz Mobarak! (Tis the first day of spring, the start of the new year for Persians and Iranians all over the world) It was a great first day of spring, with lovely weather and daffodils and hyacinths in bloom and sunshine. Except I also had my exam today, but I think I did okay, so I suppose it could be worse. My mother also made Saabsi Pollo. I really love Iranian food. But Eide Nowrouz also means that a million family members I don’t know call to talk to us. My Farsi sucks. The result: highly embarrassing conversations until my mother bails me out.

2. For all you offended Avatar fans, check this out! It’s a picture essay about the history of yellow facing (and black facing) and pretty eye opening (At least it is for me). I really didn’t know about how widespread yellow facing was and still is.

3. Another Avatar link (thanks to [ profile] fandomsecrets, lol) but of a different kind. Some girl made an Avatar webcomic and haha, it’s so offensive it’s hilarious. Some of the offences: Katara bloodbends Mai until she dies because she poisoned Katara’s son (Zuko is the dad). Azula has been forced into the role of a Purity Sue and she’s in love with Sokka ("How can anyone forgive me if I can't even forgive myself *gasp*") Aang still has his baby face, but the body of a bodybuilder on steroids (and he’s in love with Toph). And check out Katara's Disney Princess dress. Seriously, this comic is everything Avatar isn't (luckily) but it makes me laugh so damn hard.

4. My uncle (from Vancouver) visited us after his trip to Iran (to be at my other uncle’s funeral) and he came back with presents! My aunt (I haz a big family) gave me a diamond necklace because I got into uni. My uncle totally fixed my laptop. My other aunt, who visited us last autumn, was so impressed with violin play (LOL, it was so bad) that she gave me a scorebook with music written by the Persian violin master Abolhassan Saba.
Me: ???
Dad: OMG, childhood memories.
Me: *hesitates* Okay, let me try. *plays* This is haaard. WTF, is this even a melody? Geez, I didn’t expect the culture gap to be so big. Let’s Youtube this. *search*
Family: *listens to song*
Parents: *sigh* so beautiful.
Me: ...
I like this song, though: Ey Iran, sung by Darya Dadvar, an Iranian-French soprano. Sooo pretty.
And this one (especially when the singer starts at 1:45), one of those traditional songs, very stately and very Persian, this actually made my dad tear up, lol. The rest of the evening was spent going through YouTube searching for singers my parents still remembered.
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Basically I'm sharing the pain with you: James Joyce's dirty love letters.
Found this thanks to Kate Beaton's James Joyce comic, and damn. Just. I'd quote some stuff out of those letters but I'd probably get banned or something, they're that dirty.

Only 140 posts to go and I'm done, I think.


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