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(Crossposting this from Dreamwidth as a test. Username is the same.)

Just posting to say that the Clinical Logic people in my uni are idiots. If you want us to make the assignment on your site and hand it in, you should send us messages so we know it's there.

Anyway, busy few days. A run down:
  • April 31 was Queen's day which turned out to be a disaster (Warning, don't watch if you don't want to see people, well, dying). Basically, some man wanted to hit the bus with the royal family (he didn't) and hit a few people watching the parade. Nobody really knows why he did it because he died. A mystery. Almost all the planned parties have been cancelled except the one in Amsterdam because it would've been impossible. In the meanwhile, lots of mourning and panicking has been going on for the seven people who died. I don't think that's going to stop soon.

  • And May 1 was Labour Day so my parents went to Amsterdam for the annual party/protest/thingy. Workers of the world unite!

  • Oh, and today it's May 4, which is the day of Remembrance of the Dead on which Dutch people remember all the Dutch victims of the second World War (and of wars and peacekeeping missions after). Around 8 'o clock everyone is silent for 2 minutes. It's supposed to be a free day, but apparently uni students don't count. :|

  • And tomorrow it's May 5, which is Liberation Day on which we celebrate the fact that we're, well, free (liberation of Nazi Germany). National holiday. Huge festivals throughout the country. Did I mention that I have to stay in uni until half past seven? Why yes, I am bitter. >:(

  • P.S. LOL, Berlusconi. This is what you get when you play sugardaddy and let some 18 year old model call you "papi".


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