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I wish I had that icon with the lemmings going over the cliff while shouting MEME.

List the first ten series that come to mind. Your friends will comment with the character from each series that they think you are most like. Remember this is who I'm most like, not favorites!
  1. A Song of Ice and Fire
  2. Harry Potter
  3. Sandman
  4. Watchmen
  5. The Tudors
  6. Fruits Basket
  7. Lord of the Rings
  8. Phoenix Wright/Ace Attourney 
  9. Rome
  10. Does Greek Mythology count? Plz?
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Yesterday it started snowing (which is awesome because living this close to the coast means we rarely get snow and it's only November) so I went outside but I had no gloves.
Now I have gloves but no snow. Woe :(
I did guess correctly that there would be puddles of slush and that the trains would be late, oh well.

Recc time!

I found this web comic while cruising around TVTropes. It's called the The Adventures of Dr. McNinja (here's the link to the archive, stories are in order). It's about a doctor who is also a ninja

Born to a family of ninja. Trained in the medical and surgical arts. He kills with one hand and heals with the other. These are... The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

"Could this boy's youthful innocence and exuberance be what I need to keep my dark and troubled soul in check?"
"You're not a dark and troubled soul. You're a doctor who wants to be Batman."

Benjamin Franklin II: Why do you have your barber on emergency speed dial?
Dr. McNinja: I don't know? Because life is crazy?!

Dr. McNinja: Pirate! You have got some straight up testicular elephantitis, comin' in here and sitting next to a ninja.

Yes, it also has pirates. And a gorilla. Did I mention Robot Dracula? Basically, it's really cracky and funny. Seriously, cracky. So read it.

Edit: There are no words. No words. This comic is getting more awesome surreal by the minute.
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Note to self: When making homework, don't listen to Sarah McLachlan's In the Arms of the Angel on repeat unless you enjoy sniffling over your anatomy book.

*generally melancholic*

*goes to watch Hot Fuzz to cure sadness*
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I got an 8 for my first uni exam, people (though it's still subject to change). That's in the top 2% of 425 people. Oh God, now I can finally sleep peacefully XD

Had thorax two weeks ago. Got to dissect a sheep's thoracal organs. Had fun sticking my finger into the aorta and seeing it come out of the a. brachiocephalis. Had abdomen in cuttingroom last week, saw many intestines, which was fun (some smelly, some diseased. There was this one... nevermind, you don't want to know). Had hip area this week. Saw a lot of dead male and female genitalia. Felt a bit uneasy. Was not the only one. Death is something you get to think about a lot here. Had a college about what can go wrong in childbirth, with accompanying pictures. Felt my ovaries shrinking, so to say.

Orchestra practice was cool, Cesar Franck's Symphony in D minor. Links for those interested:
Movement one, part one, and two.
Movement two, part one and two.
Movement three.

It's very pretty, very much impressionistic. One is passionate, and dark. Two is subtle. Three is exuberant. I wish I wasn't this sleep deprived. Might've been more convincing >.>

Writing like Rorschach. Sorry.

Memes tomorrow. Now it's time for beautiful glorious sleep. *happy sigh*

Moar icons

Oct. 24th, 2008 12:04 am
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Okay, so you know when your relatives visit and then suddenly your parents suggest that you play something on your instrument, even though they know you hate doing that for visitors? Basically what happened to me. D:

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57 icons based on cabepfir's art )
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I have my first medicins exam tomorrow... I'm a bit nervous to be honest, until now uni has been completely different from secondary school. I don't like how they don't really make clear what you should know. And my nervousness is pretty much made worse thanks to the constant newsstream about the recession. :(

But yeah, here's some icons.

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22 misc asoiaf icons and 9 historical ones )

LOL Belgium

Oct. 4th, 2008 06:31 pm
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So, you probably don't know this but there's a lot of shit going down in the Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg). Basically the Belgians are all very angry about the fact that the Dutch government bought up all the Dutch Fortis assets to get Fortis out of trouble (Fortis is Belgium's pride bank, it got into a lot of trouble because they overdid themselves buying the biggest Dutch bank. And now there's all this with the recession.). All the Dutchies are gleeful. So this has pretty much developed into Dutch-Belgian pissing contest number 134252. And I know this is facetious but I can't help but LOL. You should see some of the headlines ("Great Belgian Bank Dead!" "The Dutch cheekily take over Fortis!")
Oh Belgium, I think there are some other things you should worry about (Seriously, almost two years and still no coalition? Geez). Me and my dad have a bet about how long it'll take till it splits into Flanders and Wallonia. Let me tell you, we're not optimistic.

Cut for that one meme. Tagged by deeplyunhip )
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I'm totally procrastinating and here's the result. I think I should go back to studying now :|

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So here's another shitload of icons :D )
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You people might or might not have heard about the Eurovision Song festival. It's an absolutely camptastic songcontest where each European country (except Italy, the smart bastards) send a music act to represent their country. I've been watching it since I was seven years old (My first was the last time Britain actually won/got high scores, LOL. ETA: OMG I just discovered it was Katrina and the Waves! Awesome!) and it's rather noticable to EVERYONE that the music sucks more than ever (so so badly, yet I keep on watching. It's like a trainwreck. Some examples: The horror that was Azerbaijan last year (It's an angel and a devil singing in a highpitched voice). W00t, I mean, just look at that. Spain was pretty lulzy, but so bad And if you want just plain bad without lulz here's Germany.)

Which is why I liked the fact that Anouk, a Dutch singer of great reknown, decided she might give it a try. This is Anouk with my favourite song, Nobody's Wife:

Not bad, eh?
Western European countries have been complaining that OMG the Eastcommies have been cheating by voting on each other, and that's why countries like Great Britain, The Netherlands and Germany always lose. Yeah right, IF THIS IS WHAT'S GOING TO COME WE FUCKING DESERVE IT *headdesk*: Meet the horror that is Toppers in Concert, our contestant.

It's going to be delicious to see them get zero point (though they'll probably scrounge some points together for their ginormous shows). I wonder what horrors other countries will cook up for us.
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I'm sure if I keep washing my hands, the smell of formaldehyde will leave. I hope. Soon.

In other news, skin is not as easily pulled off as Metalocalypse would have you believe. And I do think nobody will feel like eating fat food the next couple of days. Or meat for that matter. DX

*washes hands again*

ETA: Okay you guys, who nominated me in guad 's LJ awards for
Most Dorkiest
Most likely to have no life
Most likely to choose Pirates
Most likely to be a pet

I can't believe I actually got voted on XD


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Uni still being a bunch of slavers. I'm still tired. Schedule still killing (but pretty awesome).

Our anatomy teacher scared the beejesus out of us by pulling some dissected arm out of a bag and going "OH HAI, look at how this arm twists! *rotates* AND LOOK, here's a plastinated head, I did it my self *waves*".
 It's not like I can't handle it, I just wish he wouldn't surprise us like that.
Less than a week, people. And we get to dissect... *bounces*

Yesterday I had the strangest feeling. I realised that I really missed doing Shakespeare with my English class (Medicines is fun and all, but I miss things like English and History). So, I dunno, I might watch a Shakespeare movie? Henry IV? Othello? I already saw two versions of Romeo and Juliet (and both like five times, the Zeffirelli and the Luhrmann one. I heart them) so I'll skip that one.

And people talking about Mad Men convinced me I should watch. But that's when I have time again.
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This post is the result of a few rainy days and nothing to do (I want those days back! Uni is hard work). Beware, the second bunch icons are a wee old.

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So here they are! )
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I had my uni introduction week (and it sure was a full program) and I finally fully realised why people dislike fratboys so much.

And I've heard we're going to dissect corpses in our third week (So round up dem hepatitis shots!). People are pretty nervous but this surely isn't going to be as bad as the things we saw in our plastic and reconstructive surgery lecture (I can't even talk about this. The things that happen to people... I just want to be a doctor already).

Having said that, I'm off to Belgium for a week with my parents and my bro. And then... my more-than-a-decade-long studies begins D:

And before I leave you, some quotes by the guy my uni is named after, Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus:

"When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and clothes."
"Reflection is a flower of the mind, giving out wholesome fragrance; but revelry is the same flower, when rank and running to seed."
"In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king."
"It is the chiefest point of happiness that a man is willing to be what he is."

Moar. I should really read the Praise of Folly.

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So, I've finally gotten the bulk of the books I need for Medicines. And now I'm seriously getting scared. These books are effing huge. I don't just mean big, I mean huge. And I have like 21 of them. I seriously hope they're meant for 4/6 years, because I'll die if I have to use them all in one year. On the other hand, they're all in English so I'll have an edge over most of the other students.

Also, Iranian marriage/divorce law is just fucked up :(. I saw a documentary yesterday, Divorce Iranian Style, and seeing how Maryam had to give up her child to her jerk of an exhusband because she got a second marriage was just heartbreaking. And it was so amazing to see the clerk's little girl pretend to be a judge and scold an imaginary husband. And then hear her say how she'll never get married after she saw all the shite husbands in the court. I really want to punch a mullah.
And I also discovered my filthy rich uncle (a bit of a Littlefinger) has another secret wife (and kids). Legally. Two wives. My dad's reaction was a combination of "bitch, are you for real" and "I wash my hands of this mess". I can't blame him. Apparently the rest of the family knew for years, but never told my dad because we live here in Europe. My parents went on and on about how they didn't fight in a revolution to get such shitty laws.

I've never seen a Pixar movie onscreen before I saw Wall-E with my dad and bro. It's such a beautiful movie. The graphics and sound effects are amazing and the story is so touching. I swear, there were so many moments where I almost cried. Like others have said, it really has Rousseau morals in it. Also? EVE is just about the most badass girl in any childmovie ever. I loved how she saved herself instead of waiting on Wall-E to help her. (I also saw the Dark Knight. WOOOOW. I'm just happy the movie theatre is only ten minutes away.)

Also, I still haven't voted in the Sexiest Man competition. I'm so torn. :(
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I went to "de Brief voor de Koning" (The Letter for the King), a Dutch movie about a boy who has to bring a letter to, you guessed it, the king. It was a nice movie. But I'm only mentioning this for Hanna Schwamborn, the perfect Sansa! She's even wearing blue :D

Isn't she pretty?

ALSO. WATCHMEN. I'M SO EXCITED! I love the comic so I hope mister Zach "300" Snyder redeems himself by making a good Watchmen movie.

I'm starting to think that I'm a lot more weepy than I used to be. I saw a program with seven year old Chinese farmer kids who only get to see their parents once a year (the parents have to work in the city). They had to say what they want most in the world and all they want is to be scientists so they can make money for their parents and be with them. And then they all started crying. And so did I. :(  And then it got worse, because the poor old grandfather who also stays behind started crying too! I'm seriously starting to hate all the hate against Chinese. I mean, it's only a select few who can enjoy a rich live buying up Western stocks. Mostly the Chinese are poor and exploited.

Also, I was working on the Cash register in the departmentstore and then a customer comes to buy a shirt. I'm like "Hello, how do you do" etc. And then I stare. Because he's one of those Elder Mormons. Mormons! I should know better but I really didn't expect them here. I think he caught me staring at him as if I saw pigs fly.


Jul. 27th, 2008 05:06 pm
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So, I went to Tuscany for a week, with my orchestra, without internet.

It was so awesome. Okay, I won't miss the weather (so warm, I swear you could bake an egg on my hair) but there were plenty of other stuff to balance that out.

Like tons of icecream (in so many flavours, it made my head spin), an amazingly friendly orchestra, great cities in Tuscany (Florence, Pisa, Lucca, Montecatini and San Ganginisomething) and parties without parents. Oh, and not getting a sunburn. And having anti mosquito shit, because Beelzebub's little critters are freaking huge in Italy.

Now I have to dig through my friendspage, so much catching up to do. I do know that Melisandre will be PoV? Damn it GRRM, write the book already!
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I'm so excited! I just saw a program which said that wolves are heading west in Germany and that in time they'll come back to the Netherlands! In a natural way! This is so freaking awesome! Wolves! In the Netherlands! There's no way I'll see them, since I live close to the coast, but still! I'll be living in a country with wolves!


Sea Eagles? Check
Otters? Check
Wolves? Please, oh please!

Also, my uncle has saved some money for me and my cousin so we can get laptops when we get into university. I sort of started sniffing there. My uncle is the nicest, sweetest, gentlest, smartest and friendliest person I know.  Wah, some people deserve kids and he and my aunt are those people.

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I can't say I'm surprised. :D

Furthermore, I made icons with Alciha's artses! I'm going to post them here before I post them on fanmoot and stuff.
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Lessee if this icon table generator works... 38 icons )

Furthermore, the weather continues to be freaking awful. Non-stop rain for days. No wonder they call this a frogcountry. :(
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Birthday = cool! I AM NOW 18

[profile] h_johanna surprised me with a visit (and a present). I love her :D

New vacation job = Great!

EXAMRESULTS ARE IN, I'M SO AWESOME, AHAHAHA! My total average is a 8,7 and I got a 10 for my chemistry exam! (My lowest exam grade was a 8,5 and I'm so proud of my 9,1 for Math)

Orchestra rep was half serious Shostakovich and half soccer. It was great, we had so much fun XD And a new division, I'm on the second row now! YES!

Eurosoccer: FRANCE IS PWNED. No seriously, 4-1?! That's insane XD

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My personality type: the reliable realist

Am I surprised? Not really. I used to think that me and my parents were really idealistic (because of, y'know, them being pinkocommies) but then I realised that it's just what we want in theory. We know what to expect in real life.

Also. Eurosoccer. Ahahaha! So the Netherlands-Italy ended up in 3-0 (WTF?) and now, seriously the whole of Rotterdam is just happy. Like, really really happy. (It helps that the sun is shining). And ORANGE OMG. Seriously, all the streets are decked in so much orange, it hurts the eyes. O_O

Also, Netherlands-France is on my birthday. Woe. Now I'm sure nobody is going to remember it. :(

Edit: So now we can't even send money to Iran. Jesus, it's for my grandmother's rent, not for some terrorist. And plz, stupid bank, if you're not doing any deals with Iranian banks (and haven't done so in two years), at least have the smarts to put it on your site. Grah!


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